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About Us

Shape studio is a creative development, manufacturing, and brand management firm created to help designers establish a presence within the industry.Our goal is to provide a platform where designers, either emerging or established, can have access to services, craftsmen, and other additional talents, which will help them to launch a fully realized collection.

Shape studio provides a wide variety of services under one roof. All of our design, pattern-making, cutting, sewing production, textile design, fittings, and more are all completed by our talented team of designers and craftsmen in our factory.

Our company was established in Birmingham, UK, then moving our operations to İstanbul for a better and faster serving to the customer.
Shape studio was founded by a professional group of designers and a patternmaker. With over fifteen years in fashion, they have worked in many facets of the industry.Turkey has a rich and varied range of experiences in the textile industry. We are proud to produce in Istanbul, and make our products in Turkey.It is fundamentally important for us to provide jobs to our community, and support our creative talent in our industry.

All branches of arts are affecting each other. In our opinion, as long as this circle interaction continues and the art will be immortal. Especially "fashion" although not a branch of art but it can carry all signs of all different kinds of art forms.

With good levels of designs with a combination of scene, music, light, makeup, accessory, costume and choreography a "fashion design" can be cinema scene, a statue on the platform, colourful painting, a beautiful photography even a line of poetry or a fluent song's feeling. We believe fashion design is like a ghost that travels in all art forms and takes colours from all of themWe want to do many things.

Firstly; Catch simplicity, plainness, sincerity and intimacy for a wisely approach to fashion and art.In the future, setting up an organisation where we can educate, train and support young people and adults who are talented.Touching people with art so we can change them and their life.
Our contribution to art leads to conscious humanity and evolution
With love